Monday, April 5, 2010

it girls

cleaning up my computer today and i came accross this blog i had written way back in the days of MySpace. although the main subject of the blog has since somewhat cleaned up her act, i thought i'd share it with you anyway as the sentiment still rings true even though the players may have changed...
Why won't people leave my beloved nicole alone?
So what she's skinny, hot, stylish, rich & famous but this does not give evey tom, dick & harry the right to comment on her every move. Who cares if she's eating or she's not eating or she's doing lines off of the bathroom floor (or was that Lindsey?? oh thats right it was Linds but Nic was holding her hair back as she waits her turn..). I don't really care if she's still friends with Paris or not, it's not like she hasn't got a whole entourage of replacement hotties to fill her shoes. Mischa, Lindsey, Nikki, Kimberly, Mary Kate & Ashleigh, for fuck sake let the girls have some fun. Drug abuse, DUI, eating disorders & in & out of rehab are all apart of the life & times for the new fash pack. If i had access to all the hot clubs, free drugs & jet set lifestyle that they do i'd be in rehab too, fuck, the Betty Ford Clinic would probably name a whole wing after me!!
The way i see it is that it all comes down to envy. These kids don't live a normal or realistic life so don't be bitter about something totally unachivable, just pick up a New Weekly, admire their outfits and have a giggle at their high school style antics or go out, get yourself an eating disorder and a designer handbag and shut the fuck up!!
You know what they say "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em"

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